Lights, Camera, ACTION!

In today’s digital era where most of our information is transmitted via social media, video has emerged as an indispensable medium of learning and communication. At the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), the LUMSx initiative recognizes the significance of video produc- tion in engaging learners. This article offers insights into the intricacies of the […]

Instructional Design Case Study: Digital Learning Apps for Children

If you are a parent or a K-5 educator, you probably have heard of these apps and perhaps even used them at some point as powerful aids to make learning fun for children. For educators and designers, these apps offer excellent insight into how technology can be meaningfully leveraged to simplify complex concepts and enrich […]

Instructional Design 101

While the term Instructional Design” is common among edtech enthusiasts, it still baffles quite a few within  education circles. For us at LUMSx, effective instructional design is what ties our work together and we believe that it will enable LUMS to make its top-quality research and education scalable and relevant to new, unprecedented audiences all […]

Educator Spotlight: a conversation with Dr. Basmaa Ali

Dr. Basmaa Ali is as dynamic as is her experience in the field of Medicine. Just one conversation with her is enough to know that she carries a wealth of medical and health-related wisdom from across cultures. Trained initially as a medical doctor from King Edward Medical College, her journey has taken many fateful turns […]

A Deep Dive into the Science of Learning

Learning new things can seem frustrating, especially when you’re trying to learn a difficult skill or concept. However, it can become exciting, simple, and fun if you are able to uncover how learning happens in the first place. This is the life lesson Dr. Barbara Oakley lives by and imparts in her well-renowned Coursera course, […]

Strategies for Self-Directed Learning

Do you often feel flooded by information when trying to learn something online? Have you ever lost track of your progress or found it hard to concentrate amidst the constant background noise? When embarking on an online learning journey, it’s essential to equip yourself with the tools to take charge of your own learning process. […]

Putting Learners at the Center

We spoke with Secondary Product Head at Knowledge Platform, Sabahat Quadri, about developing the course Teaching Practice: Fundamentals of the 5E Model with the LUMSx and LLI Teams. Knowledge Platform is a leading e-learning solutions provider based in Singapore and Pakistan and one of LUMSx’s primary partners in the development of digital certifications for school […]

Embracing the Best of Both Worlds: Blended Learning in Higher Education

In today’s dynamic educational landscape, blended learning is a powerful approach to transform how we learn. By seamlessly integrating traditional classroom experiences with the flexibility and innovation of online learning, blended learning offers a unique educational experience that caters to the diverse needs of students.   Blended learning combines face-to-face interactions with online resources and […]

Educator Spotlight: a conversation with Dr. Launa Gauthier

In 2019, as soon as LUMSx was established as part of the LUMS Learning Institute, we were met with the onset of COVID-19 and, thus, immediately began the groundwork to resource educators during this difficult and uncertain time. In this process, we were immensely grateful to have had the support of Dr Launa Gauthier who […]